RBCO's Philosophy

Weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, and more, RBCO Events is a full service event planning company that brings together beautiful events through precise coordination, creative designs, and aesthetic details. With extraordinary passion and love for planning and organizing, RBCO Events also implements principles in acknowledged customs, honored traditions, latest trends, and event-industry connections to manifest the unforgettable event of your dreams.

RBCO Events specializes in weddings, but commits to all special celebrations located in San Diego, CA and many other destinations around the world. All personalized events are presented in regard to client needs and requests. For inquiries regarding prices and packages, please contact Rachael to discuss your awaiting event!

RBCO's Message
"The gathering of epiphanies, personalities, and excitement to bring to life one's most anticipating event is what I love to hear from my clients when getting to know them. As an event planner, that is what inspires and drives me to create and craft memories that will last a lifetime. Throughout the entire planning process, I devote my time and effort to ensure more than just happiness and satisfaction. Through RBCO Events, I am arranging breathtaking celebrations that reflect my desire to contribute to my client’s lives, who eventually become my dearest friends."

                                                                                                                                                       Xx, Rachael